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Well it’s official, gyms and indoor sports facilities are opening back up; which means it’s time to work on those iso-bodies and get back into shape! While it’s tempting to jump straight back into your old workout routine, your body will need to adjust, otherwise there’s a risk of strains, tears and other injuries. Rather than procrastinating and staying at home to finish that Netflix binge, follow these tips for an injury-free return to the gym.

Compression for both stability and recovery

When it comes to exercise and recovery, compression is arguably the best way to protect your body to increase performance, and boost recovery. 

When you’re moving your body, your muscles vibrate, and with higher levels of exertion come higher levels of vibration. This can lead to muscle fatigue and in some cases, a tear. Stabilising the muscles ensures you are able to push yourself, extend your workout and avoid the aches and pains which can come afterwards. 

Bauerfeind’s sports compression range offers medical-grade compression which increases the supply of oxygen to the working muscles. Developed in partnership with elite athletes and teams, the benefits of our compression socks and sleeves are felt immediately. 

Support any pre-existing injuries

Even if it’s an old injury that’s recovered, for the most part, physical stress can bring the problem right back. When you’re at the gym, whether it’s lifting weights or doing squats, there’s a high risk of old injuries flaring back up if they’re not supported. 

The ways to treat this are to practice good posture and stretching/ warm-up, and to support the affected area with a brace. By compressing and stabilising the spot, whether it’s a dodgy knee or an ankle that keeps rolling, you’ll help the joint recover and prevent recurrence of injury. 

Injury-free return to the gym

A good workout can feel great and be very rewarding, but pushing it hard at the gym can often lead to pain and stiffness the next day, especially when you haven’t been in a while. 

Recovery is crucial to maintaining a healthy and sustainable fitness regime, as well as preventing injuries from occurring. Ensure you are taking rest-days, especially in the beginning, to allow your muscles time to recover. 

Wearing the right compression also provides a comfortable and quick recovery to get you back to the gym quicker. The VenoTrain Cocoon compression stockings are excellent for this, and are used by many of Australia’s top athletes.

Another way to aid in recovery is a supplement such as Magnesium, which has many benefits, including relief for tired, sore or cramped muscles. Magnesium acts as a muscle relaxant to relieve pain and tension. It also relaxes the nervous system and improves sleeping habits. 

group of people doing jump squats in the gym while wearing Bauerfeind lower leg calf compression sleeves

Before you go back, have a plan

While it might sound a bit simple, pre-planning your workout and sticking to a smaller number of reps and sets, can help prevent injury. It also allows for you to have a strong base for getting back to shape. 

If you have recently starting running again and are experiencing shin splints or pain, read our Start to Run again: best tips

At the end of the day, keeping consistent in your routine is the best thing to do, with Bauerfeind’s compression support, and these helpful tips, you can have an injury-free return to the gym!

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 man stretching his leg in the gym while wearing an ankle brace: an injury-free return to the gym

Bauerfeind products are developed at our innovation and manufacturing facility in Zeulenroda, Germany. Based on years of scientific research, our award-winning braces and support garments are highly recommended by medical professionals and athletes worldwide.

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