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When dealing with issues of pain management/prevention, being able to put trust in your orthosis to appropriately deliver is incredibly important. Bauerfeind is the pioneer in the development of medical grade compression, and we have extensive range of medical-grade compressive products. In this article you will learn about  our medical-grade compressive products, the difference in material sets it apart from its competitors, and the various types of compression we sell. 

Whether you experience pain in the ankle, knees, back, hands, elbows of shoulders Bauerfeind Train and Performance range of supports are designed to restore mobility and promote motion. They are made from an anatomically knitted breathable fabric with visco-elastic inserts. As the joint moves, they provide a therapeutic massage and support. This stimulates the circulation and promotes the healing process. Whether you are a professional athlete or someone seeking a more active and healthier lifestyle, you will enjoy the quality, excellent wearing comfort and therapeutic effectiveness of Bauerfeind’s range. 


What sets Bauerfeind compression apart from competitors?  

Most competitors do not have medical grade compression, whereas Bauerfeind medical range are using medical grade compression.
Bauerfeind products are manufactured through direct collaboration between physicians, scientists and specialists, whose result translates into high technology products, equipment, quality and reliability, giving rise to patented and bestowed solutions with multiple awards.
Bauerfeind sets itself apart with its modern solutions in the medical aid industry that enable an active and pain-free life, whether it is with a support or an orthosis, with medical or performance bracing units. 

Our compression boosts venous return and stimulates the lymphatic system, which supports wound healing, with the compressive knit improving proprioception and muscle coordination, which may reduce the rehabilitation time.  

  • Bauerfeind products are made of soft woven knit material so they’re breathable. The anatomical fit feels like a natural extension of the body for flexible stability that won’t interfere with your movements. 
  • Our braces deliver just the right amount of compression via our proprietary soft knit fabric, and they support and provide a therapeutic massage that stimulates circulation and muscle recovery. 


Why should you wear compression garments/braces? 

Choosing which garment or brace is appropriate for your circumstances requires an emphasis on recognising what injury you are suffering from, how serious said injury is, and an acknowledgment of what level of movement you are hoping to regain in the rehabilitation process. People who work in certain environments, those looking for tools to aid increased performance or individuals predisposed to unavoidable health risks may find use of these products to be more helpful. 

Find out more here: https://www.bauerfeind.com.au/blogs/news/three-reasons-you-should-be-wearing-medical-grade-compression  


Different types of Bauerfeind medical grade compression 

Made from comfortable materials and high-grade medical compression, Bauerfeind’s products are ideal for everybody, no matter the size, shape, or sensitivity. Using true medical grade compression (ranging from 18-46 mmHg) with 65% polyamide and 35% elastane, Bauerfeind’s range of compression features lightweight design and durability make our products reliable and long-lasting; you can trust us to deliver for you. 

Medical grade compression for stockings  

VenoTrain® compression therapy is designed to provide long term medical effectiveness and excellent wearing comfort. All VenoTrain products are designed to provide controlled gradient compression and are constructed using the finest quality materials, our compression socks and stockings provide unparalleled support and comfort by: 

  • Including a variety of options from both class 1 (light compression)/class 2 (medium compression)/and class 3 (extra firm compression) to relieve the symptoms of varicose veins and swelling, they are the perfect companion to office-workers, travellers, and those with varicose veins 
  • Providing controlled, gradient compression with more pressure at the ankles, decreasing gradually up the leg (this is also dependent on the level of compression needed, if you are not sure which type you would benefit from, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team at: info@bauerfeind.com.au or live chat with us.
  • Stimulates blood circulation to help prevent varicose veins and tired, achy legs. Made with 50% microfibre, the moisture-wicking material is breathable, soft, and gentle on the skin. 
  • The comfort sole provides special pressure relief zones at the heel and the ball of the foot, allowing you the comfort and support to stay on your feet for longer 

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Medical grade compression for braces 

Our medical line of products effectively manages and prevents pain and injuries with an extensive range of medical grade braces and supports, compression products. All of our products are manufactured on site in Germany with extreme attention to detail at every stage of the design and construction process, namely on the elements of sizing and material. With products for the shoulder, wrist, elbow, back, knee, and ankle, we have you covered.  

Find out more about our medical line of products and the reasons the material we use is superior to others on the market here: #MATERIALMATTERS: How does quality material impact the effectiveness of bracing and compression?  


Medical grade compression for sports performance  

Strengthening the muscles in the upper legs, lower legs and arms through powerful targeted compression, the Performance Compression line at Bauerfeind promotes circulation and improves venous return. 

Through use of the compression sleeves or socks, muscles receive a better supply of oxygen, continue to perform more effectively and regenerate faster. Stimulating blood circulation also causes the lower leg muscles to quickly heat up, which makes them better protected against injury. The compression reduces uncomfortable muscle vibrations in the calf, thus preventing premature fatigue. Through use of the Performance Compression line at Bauerfeind, consumers can expect to: 

  • Benefit from more power, increased endurance, faster recovery times - train longer and more often 
  • Improve circulation through unique medical-grade compression that decreases from knee to thigh 
  • Enjoy a light and airy knitted microfibre fabric for optimal comfort 
  • Experience safety with the non-slip fit with every movement 

Medical grade compression is a prevention and recovery tool that you can rely on. Whether you are an elite athlete or someone who wants to rehabilitate and gain more movement back, Bauerfeind has your best interest in mind – to get you back in motion.  

Check out this video: Reuben Garrick and Bauerfeind Performance products | Manly Sea Eagles to find out how elite athletes have benefited from use of Bauerfeind compression garments. 

For assistance selecting the right product for your needs, book a video consultation with a Bauerfeind expert: Book Video Call, or call us on 1300 668 466.  

Do you have private health? Most private health extras will cover Bauerfeind Products, check to see if yours is included. Bauerfeind Private Health Insurance Inquiry.   

Bauerfeind products are developed at our innovation and manufacturing facility in Zeulenroda, Germany. Based on years of scientific research, our award-winning braces and support garments are highly recommended by medical professionals and athletes worldwide. 

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