Woman doing a plank with hip extension on a yoga mat

The plank with hip extension makes a slight modification to the regular plank. Slowly lifting one of your legs during the exercise increases the challenge for your core and stabiliser muscles as you try to keep balance. You also create a bit more work for the glutes and hamstrings.



Practice the proper plank

It’s important to get the basic plank down before moving on to other variants. If you aren’t sure if you’re planking correctly, here’s how: 

  1. Lay on your belly on an exercise mat
  2. Prop yourself up on your elbows, ensuring the elbows are directly under your shoulders and your hands are in a neutral position shoulder width apart
  3. Activate your core, lift your hips off the floor, and flex your toes so you’re standing on the balls of your feet. Your body should be in a straight line from the feet to the head
  4. Tuck your pelvis in to help keep your spine nice and neutral throughout the plank hold


 Add the hip extensions

  1. Begin this exercise in the plank position
  2. With your knees straight, alternately lift a foot off the floor until the leg becomes parallel, or slightly above parallel, with the floor. Hold briefly at the top of each movement.
  3. Do not lift your leg so high as to make your back sag or hips twist
  4. Perform all movements in a controlled fashion. Relax and repeat as your ability allows.  



A strong core is more than just having a six-pack. If your core is strong, it will help you with: 

  • Posture: if you have a strong core, you're likely to have a strong, tall posture. You may not realise how poor posture can impact your overall health and well-being. From headaches to fatigue to back pain. Find out more here: How bad posture affects your health
  • Back pain: building core strength will help bring balance to the front and back of your body. This is especially important for those who sit all day.
  • Prevent injury: a strong core will help protect the lower back muscles while improving your overall fitness, making you less likely to be injured. 


Support your planks 

If you suffer from lower pain, the LumboTrain Back Brace can help. 

  • The sacral pad relieves pain 
  • Compression reduces the rate of muscle fatigue 
  • It improves your awareness of how you activate your core muscles
  • And it helps protect the lumbar from harm


More information

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