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Pregnancy brings along a lot of changes to your body, some welcome, others not so much. One of the most common effects of pregnancy is back pain. It is caused by several different changes happening around your spine and pelvis. But, there is a secret to minimising back pain during pregnancy - a product which is proven to relieve discomfort. Find out how. 

How pregnancy can cause back pain

Whether it’s the increasing weight of your uterus, the loosening of ligaments across the body or the shifting hollow of your back, the spine takes an increased strain that can lead to pain, injury and even chronic problems in some cases. 

There are a variety of ways to minimise this pain, not only during pregnancy, but afterwards as well, to ensure the best recovery. Below are just a few of these methods.

Posture while pregnant is important

Practising the right posture during your pregnancy is a simple way to reduce back pain. Whether it’s sitting, standing or exercising, you can benefit from following the principles below

  • Stand up straight, holding your chest high.
  • Relax your shoulders and keep them back.
  • Stand with your knees relaxed, avoid locking them.
  • Use a small pillow or well-cushioned chair to support your back whenever you sit.

When standing for extended periods of time, ensure your weight is not shifted onto one foot, and that you break from standing frequently.

When sleeping, ensure you sleep on your side, and consider using a pregnancy pillow.

Wearing the right gear

The right shoes are important when it comes to back pain for everyone, and for pregnant women that becomes much more important. Low-heeled shoes with arch support are ideal, while it’s best to avoid high heels and flats, as these can make things even worse.

Wearing a back brace which supports the hips and pelvis can prove effective in minimising pain as well as reducing the risk of conditions occurring down the track, including sciatica, pelvic floor weakness and more. 

While maternity braces are difficult to navigate, Bauerfeind has a specific support perfect for women during and after pregnancy, in the SacroLoc - our pregnancy secret weapon!

The SacroLoc unloads the pelvis and lower spine, immediately relieving pain and discomfort. With its double strap system and lightweight breathable construction, it’s ideal for any stage of pregnancy or post-natal recovery, and can be worn during exercise, daily routine or even sleeping.

Keep active throughout your pregnancy 

Maintaining regular physical activity over the term of your pregnancy can help to strengthen areas prone to back pain. This is best done in coordination with your health care worker to ensure you’re safe in these activities. While this doesn’t guarantee a change in back pain, it can help reduce the recovery time afterwards.

Woman doing yoga and wearing a Bauerfeind back brace

Assistive therapies for pregnancy

Seeking help from a chiropractor, acupuncturist or physiotherapist, among others, can be a great way to address that pain. Combining these treatments with a back brace and speaking with your regular antenatal healthcare worker to ensure that you are safe at all times. 

While there are still a range of other options in treating back pain in pregnancy, the best thing to do is to work alongside your antenatal healthcare worker in managing the pain through sustainable and comfortable methods.


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