Why Are My Ankles Itchy?

Very few things feel quite so good as scratching an itch but while we might be tempted to scratch away the feeling and ignore the cause, there may be a more serious problem underlying, especially when it’s our ankles that are feeling itchy.

However, when the itch won’t go away, or it's causing pain and other issues, getting to the root of the problem is key to preventing more serious issues developing.

Firstly, is it an allergy?

One of the more common causes for itchiness in the skin around the ankles, and across the body in general, is when your skin reacts to a foreign substances.

This includes physical irritants like certain weeds, harsh chemicals, some synthetic fabrics, animals and cosmetics among other things.

The reaction can be due to a sensitivity of the skin, an allergic reaction to a particular substance or overexposure to something that’s potentially harmful.

How to stop the itching: avoid any contact with the substance causing the irritation, use topical cream and in persistent cases see a doctor.

Or, could it be dry skin?

There are certain parts of your body where the skin is more likely to dry out, including the knees, wrists, elbows and ankles.

This dryness can cause flaking, cracking, thick coarse skin and discolouration.

When it’s dry it becomes quite itchy and uncomfortable, and scratching this skin can make things worse, leading to scabbing and bleeding.

This dryness is usually caused by poor hydration of the skin, poor circulation or a more serious skin condition like psoriasis or eczema.

How to stop the itching: See a doctor or dermatologist, moisturise where possible, and wear compression stockings in more serious cases.

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Are my ankles itchy due to an injury?

When your ankle is recovering from a twist, sprain or other injury, the skin can become itchy and irritated.

This can be compounded if you’re wearing a cast, tape, a cheap bandage or a poorly made brace. Lower quality materials can irritate the skin and cause itchiness and redness.

In instances where the ankle is swollen, overstretched skin is also often itchy.

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How to stop the itching: Use breathable and comfortable high quality ankle supports, keep the affected area clean and manage swelling where possible with exercise and gentle compression.

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