SecuTec Genu

Ideal for moderate to severe ligament tears and ruptures, patellar fractures and severe meniscus issues. Read more

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Ideal for: 

  • Rupture of ACL or PCL 
  • After ligament reconstruction surgery 
  • Severe and/or complex instability 
  • Restricting range of movement of the knee after operation or injury 
  • Patellar fracture

How to achieve the perfect fit

Step 1

Measure the circumference of your thigh 17 cm above the centre of your knee with your knee bent at 30 degrees (A).

Step 2

Measure the circumference of your calf 15 cm below the centre of  your knee with your knee bent at 30 degrees (B).

Step 3

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The SecuTec Genu is a hard-frame hinged brace which provides maximum stability to the knee joint. 

The SecuTec Genu is produced from aeroplane aluminium, making it sturdy yet very light-weight. It is specifically designed to externally stabilise the knee immediately after a severe ligament injury or operation. This brace is also very user-friendly as numbered fasteners are featured, making it easy for the patient to secure it on correctly.

Flexion and extension knee movements can easily be limited on the SecuTec Genu through a small fastening on the side hinges. The SecuTec Genu is suitable for all stages of recovery as a result of the ingenuity of this joint limitation feature. Unique to the SecuTec Genu are the six integrated straps on the front and back of the brace. These straps help to stabilise and unload pressure off the knee joint and onto the surrounding thigh and calf muscles. 

For severe injuries involving swelling and pain management, we recommend the SofTec Genu.

SecuTec Genu
SecuTec Genu

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good knee brace for bipartite patella surgery recovery?

The SecuTec Genu is specially designed for recovering from a bipartite patella surgery or a fracture of the patella. It is used for conservative or post-operative treatment due to its specially designed lightweight, aluminium frame and velcro strap system which provides support to stabilise the knee joint.

It has anatomically contoured gel cushions which lie gently on the knee and massage the edematous swelling to provide pain relief. The hinge limitation immobilises the lateral movement in the knee for a speedy recovery. Further down the road, you can use GenuTrain P3 or GenuTrain S for ongoing healing and pain relief.

Can I Ski in the SofTec Genu?

The SofTec Genu is great for wear during skiing, snowboarding and more. With it's slim anatomical fit and easy donning, it fits comfortably under ski pants and lines up with your ski boots.

What injuries does the SofTec Genu Treat?

The SofTec Genu is ideal for treatment of ACL and PCL ruptures, severe instability, post-op recovery for ligament and meniscus issues and swelling management.

What makes the SofTec Genu so good?

Made from the highest quality components and utilising decades of medical research on knee injury and recovery, the SofTec Genu has proven itself as one of the best of it's type in the world.

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