How to treat a corked thigh during sport

It could happen when a hockey stick accidentally hits the leg, or maybe it’s when you’re playing footy and an elbow goes straight to your thigh. You might just have a fall and land on something the wrong way.

A corked thigh can be painful and put a halt to any physical activity. With the side-effects ranging from short to long-term, proper treatment of the thigh can make a world of difference.

Here are some tips on how to treat a corked thigh during sport. 

What is a corked thigh?

Also known as a quadriceps contusion, a corked thigh occurs when a significant amount of force is put on a small part of the thigh. This causes bleeding inside the thigh muscles, sometimes forming a haematoma which causes inflammation, pain and discomfort.

A corked thigh is most common in sports like hockey, rugby and martial arts.

The severity can range from a low grade injury where there’s mild swelling and pain, all the way to a high grade injury which can cause a condition known as myositis ossification when a fine bony layer builds up around the damaged muscle, causing a hard lump that can lead to long-term issues. 

How to treat a corked thigh during sport

First aid

When the thigh is first injured, the most important thing to do is rest. While it may be tempting, don’t push through the pain. As soon as possible, apply ice and compression, and elevate the leg.

In cases where the pain is severe or the swelling is distinct, it’s best to seek immediate medical attention to rule out serious injury.

For the first 2 days after injury, you should avoid massaging the thigh or applying heat, and don’t drink alcohol for that time.

Long-term care

Once the first aid has been applied during the injury, it’s important to take care of the thigh to help it fully recover.

Upper leg compression sleeve to prevent corked thigh during sport

Wearing compression is a great way to help the muscle. The Upper Leg Compression Sleeves are ideal for this, as their medical grade compression and comfortable fit make them great for day to day work, exercise, training and sports.

How to treat a corked thigh during sport

For people with more serious cases, or where it’s happened multiple times, you can’t find better support than the MyoTrain Thigh Brace.

Combining high grade compression and adjustable straps for tension with a removable gel insert, you can get the best possible level of support and relief, turning it into a cold compress with ease thanks to the silicon inserts.

How to prevent a corked thigh

If you’re a bit gun-shy about going back to sports after your injury, or you’re just wary of it happening for a first time, there’s some great ways to protect your thighs while still getting the most out of your sport. Here’s some tips:

  • Wear thigh pads in sports like hockey where there’s sticks and gear that can cause injury.
  • Compression in sports and exercise, particularly rugby, hockey, martial arts. This will help the muscle to be more resilient against injury and recover if it gets hit.
  • Look at your balance and consider sporting insoles. Often injuries to the legs occur when balance is off.

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