Step Up Plus: at-home strength exercise

This is a more dynamic version of the step up. It incorporates explosive movements of the hip flexion, knee extension, and ankle plantar flexion.

You will need an exercise step measuring 15cm or more in height. Begin standing upright on feet spread hip-width apart. Step up onto the step with one foot and follow by forcefully lifting the opposite knee forward. Step down and back on each foot. Repeat alternating the lead foot.

Adjust pace according to your ability and repeat as instructed. ​

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Benefits of dynamic exercises

  • Mobility: Dynamic exercises and dynamic stretching will increase joining and muscle mobility which helps to prevent injury. 
  • Increase nerve activity: Your nerves move muscles by sending electrical signals. Moving dynamically trains your nerves and muscles to work together more efficiently.
  • Warms up muscles: using dynamic movements during warm-up will increase the temperature of your muscles, which promotes blood flow and ensures sufficient oxygen is pumped into your muscles.
  • Full range of motion: Many cardio workouts, like running and walking, use minimal ranges of motion. The movement is also one-directional since you’re moving straight. Dynamic exercises involve more complete motions, which better engage your muscles.

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